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About Ibrahim Sitarmaker

Born in 1968, Ibrahim Sitarmaker started crafting all string instruments in early childhood under his father Abdul Rahiman Sitarmaker, with an experience of over 70 years of crafting the instruments like Sitar, Tanpura, Sur Bahar, Rudraveena, Dilruba, Swarmandal, Zitar, Santur, Sarangee, Saraswati Veena, Sarod and all string instruments.

His workshop is located in the city of Miraj (Southern part of Maharashtra) which is famous for world class string instruments since last two and half centuries.

Ibrahim Sitarmaker & his Father Abdul Rahiman Sitarmaker with Ustad Rashid Khan

Abdul Rahiman Sitarmaker (Ibrahim's Father)

The secret behind the tonal quality of the sitars and all string instruments is manufactured by Ibrahim Sitarmaker. He himself plays fine Sitar. Ibrahim Sitarmaker is also getting valuable guidance from Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan regarding quality aspects of Sitar since last 35 years

The world's leading Sitar Maestros and Vocal Rrtist like Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Ustad Rais Khan, Ustad Rashid Khan, Ustad Mashkur Ali Khan, Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar and many more are using the string instruments made by us.

Our History

Late Amin Saheb Sitarmaker

Great Grandfather of Ibrahim Sitarmaker

Late Abbas Saheb Sitarmaker

Grandfather of Ibrahim Sitarmaker

Late Abdul Rahiman Sitarmaker

Father of Ibrahim Sitarmaker

Miraj has been famous for World Class String Instruments since last two and half centuries. In 1850, Mohiddin Saheb & his young brother, Farid Saheb made first string instrument.

Abdul Rahiman made and provided string instruments like Sitars and Tanpuras, to many of the well known Artists, Singers, and Sitar Players. These instruments are still being used on Internation Level.

Since 1950, Abdul Rahiman has been making and supplying string instruments to Mahatma Gandhi's ashram Rashtriya Shala, which is located in Rajkot (Gujarat), and today his present generation is still serving the ashram. Abdul Rahiman Sitarmaker and his today's generations have provided instruments in India as well as all over the world.

After Abdul Rahiman Aaba Saheb Sitarmaker, his son Ibrahim Abdul Rahiman Sitarmaker continued the tradition of making sitars and other instruments with new designs and new advanced techniques.

Rehan Ibrahim Sitarmaker

Son of Ibrahim Sitarmaker

Today, Ibrahim and his son Rehan Sitarmaker are taking forward the art of making these beautiful instruments with advanced techniques and modern design trends.

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